"For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes." ~ Romans 1:16

Friday, November 15, 2013

No More PowerPoint

Over the course of several years I have been convicted of the over use of technology in my personal life and in my family.  This has caused me to make some changes, changes that have not come without some kicking and screaming by me and with some doubts by those who know me well.  I have decided to turn off technology where I can.  Turning off the TV and reading more, checking emails only twice a day and turning off the social media apps on my phone, are a few things I have done to make my day more productive and to help my brain retain more and able to think better.

This morning something came to mind that bugs me a whole lot.  On Sundays, when I am preaching, and I ask for the congregation to turn in their Bibles to the particular passage I am talking from, heads automatically go up to look at the screen above me.  In the past I would hear the ruffling of pages, but that is not the case anymore.  People are not bringing their Bibles to Church anymore because they know that it will be projected for them.  I think that this is a bad habit that I have played a major role in creating in our culture.

I want to help you become more familiar with your Bible. So from now on, from this day forward, Connect Church will no longer project Scripture via PowerPoint on the big screen.  When Scripture is read, we will ask you to turn to it in YOUR Bible.  If you do not own a Bible, buy one, they sell them at many of your favorite stores and on the internet.  Click Here to buy one online.

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